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BRIMSTONE butterfly – Life Cycle Playset

Beetles, Bugs and Butterflies

BRIMSTONE butterfly

 Life Cycle Playset

the story

Of tiny creatures and big dreams

The caterpillar wakes up in a world that she finds round. And dark. And also very narrow. Quite boring, come to think of it. For a moment, she just sits there, curled up, having a look at the world all around her. But after a while, it starts to get uncomfortable, and she feels the urge to stretch a little.

The egg bursts open. Well, would you look at that! The world isn’t round after all – it’s a disc! A green disc, to be precise, hosting more eggs, just like the caterpillar’s, with more larvae emerging from these eggs.

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crochet pattern

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crochet hook
2.25 mm (UK: 13), or 2.5 mm (US: C/2, UK: 12)

Sport/Baby Weight Yarn size 2 - fine → yarn weight table

Scheepjes Catona, or similar yarn
100% mercerized cotton
50g / 125 m (2oz / 137yd)
10x10 cm (4x4 inch) = 26 sts x 36 rows

off-white 130 Old Lace
pale yellow 101 Candle Light
light yellow 100 Lemon Chiffon
bright yellow 280 Lemon
cinnamon 383 Ginger Gold
dark gray 501 Anthracite
lime green 205 Kiwi
light green 392 Lime Juice

crochet hook
3.5 mm (US: E/4, UK: 9), or 4 mm (US: G/6, UK: 8)

Worsted/Aran Weight Yarn size 4 - medium

Scheepjes Stone Washed XL (or similar yarn)
70% cotton / 30% acrylic
50g / 75 m (2oz / 82yd)
10x10 cm (4x4 inch) = 19 sts x 14 rows

green 846 Canada Jade

You also need

2 black eyes (glass or safety eyes, Ø 5 mm / 0.20 inch)
1 wooden bead or button (Ø 20 mm / 0.8 inch)
soft stuffing (e.g., Polyfiber Fill)
blunt-tipped tapestry needle, pins, stitch markers, scissors


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COCON - Capuche

01:     9db, 1ms, 1mc, 26ml, 1mc dans la 38ème maille (→ photo 03), 1ms, 10db    (1+49)

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