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lalylala crochet book

Beetles Bugs and Butterflies

the bugs

Hello bug lovers and crochet adventurers!

Grab your research equipment (magnifying glass, flask of tea, crochet hook, scissors and yarn) and follow us into a world full of magic and science, a microcosm of tiny creatures and big dreams!

In this book you will find not only a charming selection of crochet patterns to create scrabbling beetles, beautiful bugs and fluttering butterfly crochet amigurumi, but also a wonderful story to read out loud and ponder on: a tale about growing up; accepting change and the power of dreams.

Watch tiny creatures hatching from their eggs, look on as they munch through a green world, and be astonished at their marvelous transformations when they finally slip out of their cocoons.

The wings and hats are interchangeable so you can use the patterns in this book to create new outfits for your little insect friends. Give your caterpillar a new set of wings for every day of the week, or cover your beetle in the most colourful wing suits. Be inspired by nature to make creatures of your own creation. It's a great little world full of possibilities.

I wish you lots of fun on your journey of discovery and learning!

the story

The caterpillar wakes up in a world that she finds round. And dark. And also very narrow. Quite boring, come to think of it. For a moment, she just sits there, curled up, having a look at the world all around her. But after a while, it starts to get uncomfortable, and she feels the urge to stretch a little.

The egg bursts open. »Well, would you look at that! The world isn’t round after all – it’s a disc!« A green disc, to be precise, hosting more eggs, just like the caterpillar’s, with more larvae emerging from these eggs.

Everyone introduces themselves, and before long they are having a lively conversation about what they want to be when they grow up. They all have big plans and great expectations! The caterpillar hasn’t really decided what to make of her life. She follows the others’ conversation, absent-mindedly chewing on the edge of a leaf.

The snail hatches from one egg. He hitches up his backpack and immediately starts off on his way. »I’m grown up already!«, he says. And he won’t wait for anyone. There’s no time to lose! He needs to get going with his life right now. The larvae stay behind. The caterpillar doesn’t have the courage either to follow the fast and bold snail. Quite green with envy, she takes a big bite out of the leaf.

From another egg the maggot hatches and proclaims he wants to become a famous performer! Nobody believes him, for he is so small ... and quite ugly. But while the others are still laughing at him, he pupates and turns into a fly not a moment later.

He flies high, zooms here and there, up and down, all the while humming and buzzing, and performs steep curves and daring somersaults in the air. Everyone is thoroughly surprised! They try to follow him with their eyes, not wanting to miss any of his tricks. Not everyone is charmed by the fly’s noise – to some it is even quite unnerving – but he surely gets everyone’s attention. After a furious finale, the fly lands pointedly and takes a seat on a particularly fancy leaf. The Venus flytrap closes, like curtains falling at the end of a show, followed by silence.

The caterpillar, who has barely dared to breathe during the fly’s exciting performance, now slowly exhales, still in awe of the glamour and sophistication, and absentmindedly takes another bite from the leaf.

Even though everyone else has already forgotten about the fly, the caterpillar can’t stop thinking about her. »What a career! And how fascinating flying is!« A thought begins to take shape: this is something she wants to try herself! She eats a little more to gather strength for her bold venture, then concentrates on changing into something different. She tries so hard she literally jumps out of her skin!

Disappointed, she realizes that she has become a little more colorful, but is still a plain old caterpillar. Maybe she hasn’t eaten enough?

»Head in the clouds!«, the beetle larva mumbles. She doesn’t think much of those kind of outlandish dreams. She already knows what she will be when she grows up. She has a masterplan, and a well-structured life ahead of her! No need to rush either. A thorough preparation during the long larva stage, then a short break as a pupa, and finally the well-deserved beetle wings in a simple yet elegant design of geometrical perfection.

The caterpillar, meanwhile, is nowhere near simple, yet elegant. The last molt especially has left her furry and wildly colored. Also her leaf looks less and less symmetrical. But why? She chews a little more off its edge to even it out. But the leaf only looks smaller. "Maybe it’s just because I'm growing bigger", she thinks. Then she realizes that both are true.The caterpillar is sad and really frustrated. All her friends are getting on with their lives, while she just gets fatter and fatter. She nibbles on the leaf to comfort herself.

All of a sudden, the leaf is no longer there! The caterpillar falls and only just manages to hold on to what is left of the stem. Her life hangs by a silky thread! In panic, the only solution that comes to her mind is … to pupate, and then not to stir for a long, long time. Totally exhausted, she falls into sleep.

When she wakes up, it is dark and narrow again – just like inside her old egg. She decides to come out, but something is stuck and holds her back. She tugs, and pulls a bit more, and there, unfolding behind her, two large butterfly wings appear. »Wow! Who would have thought?!«

She keeps clinging to her cocoon for a little while, getting used to her new wings, and admiring them. Then she’s ready to flutter away. From above, she sees the little plant she has lived until now. She spots the snail, just a few steps away. She discovers many more plants ... and insects – and a big, big world!


PUBLISHING DATE: October 27, 2017

Hardcover: 128 pages
Language: English / US crochet terms
Publisher: SewandSo
ISBN-10: 1446306666
ISBN-13: 978-1446306666
Dimensions: 24 x 22 x 1,4 cm
Weight: 600 grams


The printed Hardcover Book is only available in English, Dutch and Korean. Co-Editions in other languages will follow.

All the patterns from the book can also be found as single PDF Patterns in my lalylala pattern shops (on Etsy, DaWanda, Ravelry, Lovecrochet and

The digital patterns are slightly extended versions of the patterns from the book, featuring more step-by-step photos than the printed book version. You can choose from the following languages:

• Dutch
• English (US terms)
• French
• German
• Italian
• Spanish
• Swedish

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