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Music Box Toy • Flying Saucer

by lalylala in Comments: 0

Musical Pull Toy

Flying Saucer

for Sci-Fi Fans

the pattern

Start an intergalactic lalylala crochet adventure!

Make your own lalylala Flying Saucer musical pull toy from this extraordinary Crochet Pattern – of course with abducted cow and whimsical cute Alien Amigurumi.

The crochet pattern is easy to follow and comes with very detailed instructions and a lot of step-by-step photos and tutorials and is also suitable for beginners. You can get the pattern in many languages (see list below ↓).

The finished toy in the photos is made with the related lalylala Crochet Kit you can get from my lalylala supplies shop on Etsy.




The UFO CROCHET PATTERN is suitable for advanced crocheteters as well as for adventurous beginners (level 2 - easy).

The pattern contains clearly explained instructions for each round, many step-by-step photos and photo-tutorials for special tricks that make your crochet even more beautiful.



The CROCHET KIT contains all the materials needed to make your own Flying Saucer Musical Mobile.

The Materials come wrapped in a handy cotton project bag with UFO print (fun fact: 'UFO' is craft geek term for 'UnFinished Objects').


buy and download

also available on Etsy and Ravelry



Sport/Baby Weight Yarn

size 2 - fine → yarn weight table

Scheepjes Catona (or Schachenmayr Catania)
100% mercerized cotton
50g / 125 m (2oz / 137yd)
10x10cm (4x4 inch) = 26 sts x 36 rows

Dark Grey 242 Metal Grey
Light Grey
172 Light Silver
105 Bridal White
Light Pink
523 Sweet Mandarin
254 Moon Rock
513 Apple Granny

Rico Design Creative Lamé - silver
62% Polyester, 38% Polyamid,
25g / 135m (1oz / 147 yd)
10x10cm (4x4 inch) = 28 sts x 40 rows


2.25 mm (UK: 13), or 2.5 mm (US: C/2, UK: 12)
3.5 mm (US: E/4, UK: 9)


Musical Movement (with eyelet and pull cord)

Stable Wire Ring Ø 18 cm / 7 inch (Crimped
Wreath Ring, or Ring for Lamp Shades or Dream

Clear Plastic Dome Ø 10 cm / 4 inch (Half of a
fillable Ornament Bauble or Sphere) You can also
cut the top or bottom of a clear plastic bottle
with the same diameter.

Safety Toy Eyes (or glass eyes)
1 pair of Ø 5 mm / 0.20 inch
1 pair of Ø 6 mm / 0.24 inch

10 Sequins (red, Ø 10 mm / 0.4 inch)
10 Beads (red, Ø 3 mm / 0.12 inch)
Strong Nylon Thread

Soft Stuffing (e.g., Polyfiber Fill)



Notions blunt-tipped Yarn Needle, Pins, Stitch Markers, Scissors

Pliers and Fabric Tape (Duct Tape) to even out a raised joint on the wire ring.

Drill (Ø 6 mm / 0,24 inch) to bore a hole into the center of the plastic dome (half of a fillable ornament).

Box Cutter or very sharp knife to carefully cut off the eyelet of the plastic dome.

Cupcake Ella

by lalylala in Comments: 0

Ella is not just a sweet amigurumi cupcake and cute birthday gift, she’s also a perfect companion to keep crochet supplies together. She can be used as a pincushion and also stitch markers and other little stuff can be stored inside her cup.

music box toy • spider AGATHA

by lalylala in Comments: 0

Halloween is already over … again. But not for us and not yet! Because we lost your bloody mosquito dressed housefly buddy Buzz! So we quickly organized a search through the darkest corners of the house. Doing so, we found many lost socks, old sweets and rusty crochet hooks and unfortunately we also managed to get caught up in an artfully crafted giant spider net! In the center of this amazing piece of crochet there was a purple spider and right behind her back we glimpsed Buzz …