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SEPP the seahorse

by lalylala in Comments: 7

Sepp the seahorse spend his childhood on his granddad’s sea cow ranch. He was very talented in riding sea cows and started a career as rodeo star soon. On a rodeo world tour Sepp stopped in Texas, where he was told, that every proper horse wears horseshoes. He couldn’t find out what these could be good for and threw them away. Thus Sepp invented the horseshoe pitching sport.

free berry mod kit “ERNA & BERT” for lalylala dolls

by lalylala in Comments: 37

Fresh berry jam had to be done, so I hurried into the garden… but instead of ingredients, I found these two funny guys hiding in the bushes behind the house. They introduced themselves as ERNA the strawberry and BERT the blackberry and a second later I invited them to come and live in our house (they choose the pantry to become their new home).

VLAD the vampire bat

by lalylala in Comments: 8

Back in the day, when VLAD was a very young bat, he was looking for the meaning of life, when another bat crossed his path … Batman! Soon VLAD became Batman’s sidekick (of course long before Robin entered the scene). However, before long, VLAD found out that Batman just wears a costume and can’t even fly properly! What a bitter disappointment! So he moved on and, with the gathered experience from countless dangerous adventures, he started his career in the movie business as the stunt double for the legendary Bela Lugosi. Some years and one tooth-surgery later (for a correction of some peculiar misaligned teeth), he actually became a well known movie star! You’ve probably seen him in “Nosferatu“, “The fearless Vampire Killers” or “Dracula“. After a while, he felt pretty annoyed about the completely false representation of vampires in horror movies! Sure, vampires avoid garlic – but only because they want to save their environment from bad garlic breath! And the only reason why VLAD doesn’t sunbathe, is to preserve his “noble pallor“. He also never really understood why crosses would be scary. He felt increasingly bored and when he successfully shocked the 1000th screaming maiden in another horror movie, he packed the job in to move to the countryside and write books about werewolves.

free bunny mod kit “RITA the rabbit” for lalylala dolls

by lalylala in Comments: 198

When I fell into that rabbit hole the other day, I came back with another freebie especially for all of you, who already own one of the lalylala doll patterns! Let’s follow the white rabbit again and crochet yourself this lovely bunny named RITA! All you need is one of the lalylala doll patterns (for the body) and the following ears and -tail instructions.

LUPO the lamb

by lalylala in Comments: 29

He doesn’t look like but actually Lupo is a wolf! OK – a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that’s what happened: When Lupo was a puppy, he had a great passion for hand-knitted sheep wool socks. One night he tried to shave a sleeping sheep on the meadow to raise some wool for extra socks. The frightened sheep bite Lupo by accident and since then every full moon he turns into a lamb. As time went by he realized that he so much more preferred to be a sheep than a wolf (because his fur is so much softer than the shaggy wolf fur and he had decided to become a vegetarian anyway). So he took the decision to knit himself a cozy lamb costume from his own full moon sheep wool and life his life as a sheep from now on. Every full moon he takes the chance to shear his fur and to knit his costume in the phase until next full moon. Unfortunately, when he’s a weresheep he tended to unravel his knitting, so it took a very long time until Lupo the wolf became Lupo the sheep.

PAUL the toadstool

by lalylala in Comments: 5

PAUL was not born nor he was just grown like any other mushroom – he was conjured up by a little witch! Not only because of that you could say that PAUL is literally a kind of “magic mushroom”. He’s a real natural talent and the only magician in the world who can drag himself out of the hat and remain in absolute stillness for days. PAUL gained his greatest success when he managed to disappear Atlantis, the famous time machine and the meaning of life – unfortunately he forgot the spell to fetch them again, so many people are looking for them until now.

MICI the mermaid

by lalylala in Comments: 3

MICI works as a life guard on the shores of lalylaland, but even as a very little mermaid, she dreamed to open her own shoe store and to design her own collection of summer sandals. To pass the time MICI knits chic fishnet stockings for her friends. She loves the rockabilly fashion of the 50s! Her stylish old school anchor tattoo was made by her talented friend OLEG using his self-produced homemade ink and a fishing hook. MICI is also the singer of a band with RADA, BUZZ, OLEG CARL, which has gained a reputation for putting their audience into a kind of hypnotic state.

ROCO the raccoon

by lalylala in Comments: 5

ROCO always wanted to be a hero. As a tribute to his great idols Zorro and Robin Hood his superhero outfit is composed of a practical mask and a stylish hood! ROCO is a knight in shining armor and of course he’s always ready to help with the dishes. His greatest coup was when ROCO robbed the CandyBank in lalylaland to distribute the captured sweets among his friends. Unfortunately, most of the delicious loot “disappeared” quite unaccountably on ROCO’s way back home.

CARL the cactus

by lalylala in Comments: 6

Carl spent his earliest childhood together with his family outside on the balcony. He loves balloons – despite their very short life expectancy. As a teenager, Carl discovered his extraordinary talent as a requisite for a world-famous fakir. This career ended abruptly because CARL decided to shave daily after he has been very definitely refused as a member of the “Free Hugs” campaign. Carl is enjoying his heyday as a drummer in a marching band now and is going to continue the pin-factory family business.

OLEG the octopus

by lalylala in Comments: 2

As everyone can see – Oleg is an octopus. He’s a real poet and often writes 8 poems a time using his very own handmade ink. He loves to eat sea shells at his favorite italian underwater restaurant ”L’azzurro del mare”. In his octopus’s garden Oleg is spending a lot of time growing sea anemones and corals. His favorite song is the Beatles’ “Yellow Submarine”.

KIRA the kangaroo

by lalylala in Comments: 35

Kira can be seen from afar by her long scarlet colored scarf – so the koalas sometimes call her the “Red Kira”. In her spacious pouch she keeps everyday things and her impressive collection of antique cushion springs – and of course her baby kangaroo feels most at home here. After a furious victory in the shadow boxing championship, the two prepare themselves for the world championship in long-jump.

DIRK the dragon

by lalylala in Comments: 21

DIRK’s favorite outfit is his green dragon costume with that tiny wings and dragon spikes. His mother was a Japanese water dragon, his father was a brave dinosaur – a Tyrannosaurus Rex! One hour a day he practices fire-breathing in his cave – small fireballs work out very well. If he sneezes, he accidentally sprayed some sparks. Dirk collects matches and is going to be a firefighter when he grows up.

LONI the lion

by lalylala in Comments: 7

Not only outwardly Loni is a real lion – her costume conceals a truly brave character. Of course she’s able to bare teeth, but normally Loni is really cuddly and very tame. She is a true friend and will always be on your side courageously. Loni lays great emphasis on her daily midday nap and the extensive care of her luxuriant mane. In her free time Loni is practicing the race with gazelles.

FIBI the fox

by lalylala in Comments: 8

FIBI loves her fancy fox-costume and is mighty proud of her nice white tail-tip. She often meets the owls for tea party and reads wise books whenever she’s got some free time. FIBI is a passionate collector of chicken feathers too.

BUZZ the house fly

by lalylala in Comments: 2

Actually BUZZ is dressed in his house fly costume all the time. BUZZ loves flying loopings, sitting on the ceiling and buzzing songs about flying. BUZZ is a passionate sugar cube collector too.

RADA the rat

by lalylala in Comments: 7

Rada is the youngest and only sister of her 78 brothers. Her dad continues the family tradition as a restaurant-critic in 23th generation. Rada loves the colors black and white and all shades in between – but beware: She isn’t a gray mouse at all! Her true passion is music and she plays the flute in a punk rock band with BUZZ, OLEG and CARL. RADA would like to be a wharf rat on a ship to travel around the world.

BINA the bear

by lalylala in Comments: 14

Bina shares a cozy two-room apartment with his pet – a golden brown honey bee (she already learned how to roll over, play dead and fetch pollen-balls!). Bina works as a babysitter for the kids in his neighborhood. He loves salmon sushi and hot chocolate. On sunny afternoons, BINA goes to the forest to hug his favorite trees. Because he doesn’t like any kind of winter sports, Bina makes an extended nap from autumn until spring!