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4 seasons summer SPECIAL – paper boat FIETE

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A brave little origami-gurumi paper boat set sail. It’s FIETE ready to discover the world and curious to find out the truth about the old fishermen’s stories. And his adventure started right away, when Oleg the giant squid came up from the depth. He wrapped his giant tentacles around the little boat and drag Fiete under into the deep sea. A swarm of crochet jellyfish crossed and Fiete took advantage of the short distraction to free himself from the tight grip of the giant squid. Completely drenched he escaped to the shore of a tiny but sunny island.

4 seasons SPECIAL – EASTER

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As soon as that strange creature skipped from our garden, we admired the colorful eggs that it had left for us in a small nest underneath the Hazel bush.

These eggs looked so weird that we soon started to discuss, what would probably hatch out of them. Dirk was convinced that these must be Rainbow Dragon eggs (an extremely rare species, which is native only to Lalylaland).

4 seasons SPECIAL – NEW YEAR’s EVE

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Of course, nobody knew it because of the total secrecy, but Lalylaland was actually the first spacefaring nation! At the very dawn of the Space Age we’ve built an ultra light rocket Ziggy, …


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It’s a gloomy full moon night. A hook-nosed wicked witch on a wonky broom flies over a haunted house.
One can make out two eerie silhouettes behind a dusty, spiderwebbed tower window…

4 seasons – SUMMER

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Aloha! It’s summertime and we enjoy our vacation on a beautiful island named KAWAII, Lalylaland’s surfers paradise! This is where we met our new friend PIPPA the pineapple, who’s running the trendiest cocktail bar right on the beach. She’s an excellent bartender and her Piña Colada is famous! Right next door there’s a surf school. The owner is KEANU the surfboard and the coolest cat of all beach residents is SMILA the ice cream. Keep cool and find out more about the hot lalylala 4 seasons SUMMER pattern set!

Early Blooming Flowers ADD-ON for CARLA

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FREE EASTER Add-On for CARLA! Grow yourself a little flower garden! Use this add-on for lalylala’s 4 seasons SPRING pattern set comes with the instructions for the flowers to turn CARLA into beautiful daffodil DORIS, snow drop SELMA or muscari MARTA!

4 seasons – SPRING

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It was a very cold and windy day, when bluetit TITUS circled over Lalyland. The winter was long and he felt terribly lonely when he unexpectedly discovered a fresh splash of blue among all the gray and white far down on the ground. Just as blue as himself. Finally! A companion!


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Do you remember the night, when Roco was caught in the act (again!).

Good news! The alleged Christmas presents heist turned out to be exactly the opposite! We found 3 reliable witnesses, who insured very convincingly that our raccoon just gave Santa Clause a hand. As you know, Roco has some experience in soundless breaking into other people’s houses what makes him the perfect assistent. He is also simply slimmer and fits much more convenient through the narrow chimney.

Down in the festive living room XAVER the Christmas tree got already dressed up in order to proper welcome the nocturnal guest. Candle CLAUS plunged the room into cozy, warm light and angel ANTON and his twin brother Arthur ensured the appropriate musical setting and heavenly blessing.

Btw: Xaver, Anton and Claus friends are perfect gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments and Secret Santa surprise!

4 seasons – WINTER

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A warm welcome to our cool winter friends! We have tracked them deep in Lalylaland’s magic forest: pine cone WOODY fell from somewhere above us right in front of our feet. He got along well with our autumn fellows Erwin, Peter and Henry right away.

A bit later we met stag HEINZ at a manger. First we thought he must be one of Santa Claus’ reindeers, but he explained to us that he’s a genuine Fallow deer and was never employed at Santa’s delivery service. Heinz also joined us with great pleasure, not just because we bribed him with warm milk and homemade Christmas cookies. On our way home it quietly began to snow and the magic forest was covered in a glittering icy layer soon.

A third visitor was waiting for us when we arrived: Sir SIMON the snowman had made himself comfortable in our garden to enjoy a cup of delicious five o’clock ice tea. His nose was almost as red as ours when we came back from the frosty forest. Winter is here to stay and so Woody, Heinz and Simon are!

Oh, by the way: our winter friends are perfect little x-mas helpers. They are very useful as gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments and Secret Santa surprise!

4 seasons – AUTUMN

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Hugh? How did that happen? Autumn already? The days are short, the weather is kind of unpleasant and wet feet became your constant companions? There’s also something good in it! It’s time to unpack your Wellies and to make your way to the next yarn store and then: straight to Lalylaland’s always colorful enchanted forest to pick up these 3 funny little guys! Toadstool PETER, rose hip HENRY and acorn ERWIN are the perfect companion to fill your gray days with colorful Autumn fun.