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Easter Bunny Eggs

by lalylala in Comments: 0

Hop hop hooray everybunny!⁣ Have you tried my FREE EASTER Egg pattern, yet? What about adding some ears?

Rice Seed Blanket

by lalylala in Comments: 0

We like to stay in bed the hole day long, snuggling under that super cosy blanket made from 100% Merino wool.
Make your own ‘Rice Seed Blanket’ in no time from this easy peasy free lalylala crochet pattern (in English and Deutsch).

Early Blooming Flowers ADD-ON for CARLA

by lalylala in Comments: 8

FREE EASTER Add-On for CARLA! Grow yourself a little flower garden! Use this add-on for lalylala’s 4 seasons SPRING pattern set comes with the instructions for the flowers to turn CARLA into beautiful daffodil DORIS, snow drop SELMA or muscari MARTA!

berries – yummy!

by lalylala in Comments: 1

You want to crochet those yummy little strawberries and blackberries you spot on some of ERNA and BERT’s photos? Go ahead!
Here’s the delicious crochet pattern!

free berry mod kit “ERNA & BERT” for lalylala dolls

by lalylala in Comments: 37

Fresh berry jam had to be done, so I hurried into the garden… but instead of ingredients, I found these two funny guys hiding in the bushes behind the house. They introduced themselves as ERNA the strawberry and BERT the blackberry and a second later I invited them to come and live in our house (they choose the pantry to become their new home).

free jellyfish crochet pattern

by lalylala in Comments: 12

The jellyfish pattern is one of 16 quick, flattering, decorative or just fun projects from my crochet booklet for beginners and returners (published by Gräfe & Unzer in 2014 – the book is available in German language only).

free bunny mod kit “RITA the rabbit” for lalylala dolls

by lalylala in Comments: 198

When I fell into that rabbit hole the other day, I came back with another freebie especially for all of you, who already own one of the lalylala doll patterns! Let’s follow the white rabbit again and crochet yourself this lovely bunny named RITA! All you need is one of the lalylala doll patterns (for the body) and the following ears and -tail instructions.

Birthday CUPCAKES – a free lalylala crochet pattern

by lalylala in Comments: 30

Welcome to BINAs and RADAs 2nd birthday celebration! Here’s your party-hat! Please serve yourself a drink, shake your hips to the music … and feel free to try some of these delicious homemade lalylala birthday cupcakes!