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Giveaway Sailabrations!

Let’s sailabrate a GIVEAWAY ⛵️ Did you know the Dutch word ‘Scheepjes’ means ‘little ships’ in English? Reason enough to team up with the fantastic Scheepjes Yarn to give you lovely origamirumi lovers the chance to win 1 out of 10 CROCHET KITS for PAPER BOAT FIETE – coming with all the materials and crochet pattern you need to make your own Fiete in all 3 color versions! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to set sail and head over to my Instagram!

HIGH FIVE to the lalylala birthday GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate lalylala’s 5th birthday and to THANK YOU for all your great support, your countless heartwarming messages and for loving the lalylalas, I packed together 5 amazing gift boxes for 5 lucky winners!

Each box includes:

  • a material kit to crochet “KIRA the kangaroo“ (original yarn, 2 pair of glass eyes, Molotow acrylic marker to apply cheeks, 2,25 mm Clover soft touch crochet hook, 2 yarn needles, 2 stitch markers)
  • 3 lalylala crochet patterns of your choice
  • one of the prototypes for my next pattern, that will be released around Halloween
  • and a small bottle of homemade lavender-lemon water for a nice smell and good feelings

To JOIN and WIN one gift box is easy as pie:

  1. Become a friend of lalylala’s Facebook page or Instagram and LIKE the giveaway picture there.
  2. Leave a comment under the posting in Facebook or Instagram, telling me the 3 lalylala patterns you wish for and mark your comment with hashtag #high5lalylala (like that: Bina, Halloween, Mici, #high5lalylala)
  3. Comment as much as you like, but make sure to hashtag only one of your comments! Multiple tagged comments of one person will be removed!
  4. Gain an extra chance by joining the giveaway on both, Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Keep your fingers crossed!

Next Monday (October 10th, 2016) every hash-tagged comment gets a consecutive number. I will pick 5 random numbers by chance and announce the 5 lucky winners!

The gift boxes will be shipped worldwide – so don’t hesitate to enter even if you live on the north pole!
The crochet patterns will be send to you as digital files by email.

High five, good luck, happy crocheting and thank you all for your love!


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KIRA for president!

Vote for KIRA!
No, Kira doesn’t run for the US presidential elections this time, but for the second most important election of the year: the ETSY AWARDS 2016 Germany/Austria for the category “Kids & Baby“. Kira’s election program includes more time for snuggle breaks and the abolishment of phases of frogging. Kira also promises the expansion of renewable energies by handcrafts and guarantees an enormous increase of your crochet fun!


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Grow yourself a little flower garden

… using the Early Blooming Flower add-on for lalylala’s 4 seasons SPRING pattern set! The pattern comes with the instructions for the flowers to turn crocus CARLA into beautiful daffodil DORIS, snow drop SELMA or muscari MARTA! I hope you like them and wish you all some happy Easter days!

Happy Woolentine!

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If you are still looking for a last minute valentine’s gift, you should know that ANTON pursues a career as messenger of love these days.

here comes lalylala’s 4 seasons SPECIAL CHRISTMAS pattern set!

Do you rememberthe other night, when Roco was caught in the act (again!). The alleged Christmas presents heist turned out to be exactly the opposite! we could found 3 reliable witnesses, who insured very convincingly that our raccoon just gave Santa Clause a hand. Down in the festive living room XAVER the Christmas tree got already dressed up in order to proper welcome the nocturnal guest. Candle CLAUS plunged the room into cozy, warm light and angel ANTON and his twin brother Arthur ensured the appropriate musical setting and heavenly blessing.

lalylala wallpaper OCTOBER 2015

BOOray, it’s October!
The month of getting goosebumps not just because of the falling temperature! Get ready for the most thrilling night of the year in just a few simple steps.

Happy Mother’s Day!

wish all you faboulous mom’s a perfect mother’s day

… and a hand picked bunch of flowers!

being lalylala

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We are lalylala and we are 15.000 (!!!) on Facebook. Thank you so much!


lalylala Halloween pattern VLAD the Vampire Bat

Let the most spooktacular lalylala Halloween party begin! You are all invited and here comes our already announced super duper famous special guest … Please welcome the horror movie legend “VLAD the vampire bat”! He’s a hot candidate for tonight’s election of the best Halloween costume.

Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes, to get to know our new mate…


High times in lalylaland! Our friends are incredibly excited! They run through the house and animate the house spiders to spin their nets faster, cause Halloween is coming soon and our friends decided to celebrate the scariest party of all!

a good weekend reading

Yikes! The brand new issue of german magazine “Simply HÄKELN” comes along with loads of nice crochet and a XXL-sized-2-pages lalylala interview (wooohoooo!)

KIRA featured in DaWanda’s lovebook

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w00t! w00t! KIRA the kangaroo jumped right into DaWanda’s lovebook “Summer 2014”! Go and take a look to the digital copy of the fantastic and inspiring booklet – filled with super amazing handmade stuff! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as KIRA does!

happy peppy Easter greetings!

Are you still on the hunt to find some Easter eggs? Well, stop searching, start crocheting: there’s a free lalylala crochet pattern. And pssssst … another tip just between us: the “RITA rabbit” modification kit for your lalylala doll hides itself on the same page. ;)

“tous fans de lalylala” photo contest

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Mes chères filles françaises (et les garçons bien sûr)! It’s ONE YEAR since Lilo L’île Aux Fils made up that great “tous fans de lalylala” place for all lalylala lovers – especially those of you from France. It’s been one year of great pleasure to see all your cute projects, to read your opinions and to be totally overwhelmed because of the love you put into your lalylalas!

lalylalas at the DOLLS ART in Tel Aviv

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For two month I was crocheting like a freaky maniac to finish a reproduction of each lalylala doll for … drum rolls … more drum rolls … add some horns … get this!!! … the “DOLLS ART EXHIBITION” in Tel Aviv!

Birthday CUPCAKES – a free lalylala crochet pattern

Welcome to BINAs and RADAs 2nd birthday celebration! Here’s your party-hat! Please serve yourself a drink, shake your hips to the music … and feel free to try some of these delicious homemade lalylala birthday cupcakes.

lalylala’s 2nd anniversary giveaway

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2 years, countless yards of yarn and 11 dolls later it’s lalylala’s 2nd birthday! At risk of sounding a bit cheesy – I just can’t tell how much I love and appreciate all of you crocheting lalylala dolls and bring them to live!

Oh la la – An INTERVIEW!

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Find lalylala’s meet&greet interview in French and English on fifi jolipois (super nice yarn shop & blog)! They’ve got a facebook too – so check out! My very special thank goes to Christel and Adeline from fifi jolipois for asking and publish my answers. It was such a pleasure to answer the questions!

Show your dolls!

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It was time to set up a GALLERY just for YOUR LALYLALA’S
… to say “thank you” for bringing that many sugar cute dolls to life! So show YOUR amazing dolls in lalylala’s brand new customers projects gallery. You’re doll is missed? email a photo or send link to your lalylala project and join the family!

There’s something going on …

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A few days ago Lilo from founded the world’s first, one and only lalylala dolls COLLECTIVE FAN BLOG and FACEBOOK GROUP!

lalylala’s interview for Inside Crochet

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Jippieee, yes and a loud hooray! Here it is: my very first interview ever published in a crochet magazine! … and not just any magazine: it’s the UK-based Crochet Inside magazine featuring my work in it’s December 2012 issue #36. I really can’t tell how excited I am – I feel almost famous!

limited time pattern deals

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You can’t decide which pattern you want to buy? Don’t mind – take all 8 patterns for € 36.- and save € 8.- for a short time! There are more pattern deals available for any 3 and 5 lalylala patterns at my Etsy and DaWanda shops.