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lalylala wallpaper DECEMBER 2015

by lalylala in downloads Comments: 7

In the middle of the night a mighty rumble in the living room drives us out of our beds. We rush into the living room in joyfully anticipation to finally shake hands to Santa Clause himself and to jointly share a glass of milk and some cookies by the fire, as we catch our ROCO red-handed! It is still unclear whether he brought the gifts or tried to steal. But he suggested a deal: Roco told us that he has information on a certain lalylala Christmas pattern. He chatted out that the evidence photo contains a clear reference to the three Christmas buddies! So put your magnifiers out and spy closely! Here is the last desktop of the year with an exclusive preview of the lalylala 4seasons xmas set!

lalylala wallpaper NOVEMBER 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 3

Hats off for a hot early winter! Who wants to keep a cool head when you also can get a pair of warm ears? Paul feels the same way and has providently changed his hat for some wispy soft handmade bobble cap – of course in his favorite colors! If you already have changed your headgear, you only need to get this heartwarming lalylala wallpaper at that.

lalylala wallpaper OCTOBER 2015

BOOray, it’s October!
The month of getting goosebumps not just because of the falling temperature! Get ready for the most thrilling night of the year in just a few simple steps.

lalylala wallpaper SEPTEMBER 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 2

It’s September! Time to go FLY a kite … or rather kite a FLY?

however, it’s the best time to prepare yourself for the joy of autumn, to groove a little to Earth, Wind & Fire:

»hey hey hey
ba de ya, say do you remember?
ba de ya, dancing in September ba de ya, never was a cloudy day« … lalala

… and to lalylalize your desktop or device! Find the new wallpaper here:

lalylala wallpaper AUGUST 2015

“HOW TO CATCH A MERMAID” or “Do you know the reason why real mermaids are so rarely seen?” Since ages people try to lure them with all kinds of baits and even the best attempts failed. I guess it’s just because mermaids are too clever to fall into a trap! Fortunately we know one mermaid that loves show herself on your desktop for August!

new section for mini & mod patterns

The new Minis & Mods section is a tribute to all the fantastic modifications to my lalylala dolls that have arisen and that have made lalylaland such a colorful and varied place. Find some of their patterns collected on now.

lalylala wallpaper JULY 2015

by lalylala in downloads, patterns Comments: 1

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream … It’s 1st of JULY and here in lalylaland it’s summer time (hip hip hooray) ! Time to pack your crochet stuff into your beachbag, slip into your sandals and follow ERNA’s lead straight to the next ice cream parlor! Here’s lalylala’s JULY cool down for your sceen:

lalylala wallpaper JUNE 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 0

Summertime and the living is easy … well, maybe not for everyone … If you are a vampire and you love sunny days on the beach anyway, you should pay attention for a proper sun protection and plenty of liquid refreshment. (Please do not bite the bathers – fresh refrigerated tomato juice and Bloody Mary are available at the beach bar!)

lalylala wallpaper MAY 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 0

Have you ever wished for 8 hands to get a teeny tiny change to ever just start all those projects on your wishlist? I do … daily! But of course there’s only one raveler who’s able to spin, dye, crochet and knit all at a time with an enviable serenity. Get OLEG the octopus – the master of creative multitasking – on lalylala’s wallpaper for MAY!

lalylala wallpaper APRIL 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 0

Who ever said that all eggs were as alike as Tweedledum and Tweedledee?
We definitaly need to amend that: Some are just more equal than others and some have purple spots and glow in the dark and if you crack it, it maybe spits fire… Have a very happy Easter and get your egg yolk yellow lalylala wallpaper for April!

lalylala wallpaper March 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 0

Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s … lalylaland! And at the end of the rainbow? Well, there’s a pot of gold for sure!
So catch the Leprechaun, find a lucky clover, download the brand new lalylala desktop calendar / wallpaper and join the “MARCH into sping”! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

lalylala wallpaper February 2015

by lalylala in downloads, lalylaland Comments: 6

Here’s the fresh lalylala wallpaper design for your February desktop – with lot of love … and yarn of course! Happy valentine’s day!

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