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magic loop

Not at least because there's "magic" in it's name the magic loop aka magic ring, magic circle or just adjustable ring is the smartest way to start crocheting in rounds and that video by apinchofhope show's you how you do it.

invisible decrease

You want to know how to prevent your crochet shaping from visible decreases? Here you can see my favourite way to decrease amost invisibly - kind of magic, hugh?

change yarn

needlenoodle's video shows a very useful way how to crochet jogless stripes in spirals without that stairstep that shows up when making stripes or changing color while single crocheting in the round.

How to fasten off remaining stitches in the round

If you crochet in the round - for example when you work a sphere - you'll come to the point where further decreasing isn't possible. To make a smooth finish for the last remaining stitches (most of the time there will be 6 stitches left after your last decrease round) you can use the following technique:

  1. break the yarn and leave a tail long enough
  2. pull the end  through your last stitch and thread a tapestry needle with the yarn tail
  3. insert the needle into the next stitches' front loop
  4. repeat pulling the yarn tail trough every front loop of the remailing stitches all the way around
  5. now pull the yarn tightly and the hole will be magicaly closed in a really nice way
  6. insert the needle next to the center and stitch 2 or 3 times criss cross through the entire crochet piece
  7. at least pull slightly and cut off the rest of the yarn

joining the legs (GERMAN)

Alexandra Schwarz (Thank you so much!) made this super duper video to show you how to join the legs and work the very first round of the body of your lalylala doll. The voiceover is German but even if you don't understand a word I'm sure you'll see perfectly how it works!

loop stitch - version 1

Have a look to that great tutorial by June Gilbank ( - she shows how to crochet a tight loop stitch, I used for Loni the Lion.

loop stitch - version 2

And that's another technique of the loop stitch that should also work fine.

bobble stitch

The video by Kim Guzman shows how you do the bobble stitch made from 4 double crochet stitches for LUPOs body and cap.


Remember to not single crochet between the bobbles like it's shown here but half double crochet instead!


Patty Biehler shows you the best way to crochet a picot. You need to crochet picots e.g. for the little tips on DIRK's spikes or for VLAD's cape. 

apply blush

For a nice blush on the cheeks I prefer the "ONE4ALL marker" by MOLOTOW. These are acrylic based markers which can be diluted with water or acetone easily. The color is called skin pastel 207 (haut pastell, couleur peau pastel). To add the color to the dolls face I'm using a paintbrush and plenty of water to dilute the intensity of the color. Finally you should dry it using a hairdryer to make the ink permanent.