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Twisted Spike Stitch (tsp)

Compared to a regular spike stitch which creates long v-shaped stitch, the body of the twisted spike is a straight twisted cord, creating a single straight line instead of two v-shaped lines as for the regular spike stitch.

magic loop

Here's how I do the magic loop. Of course this is just one of many way - there are almost as many ways as names for this technique to start your crochet. You will also find it named as adjustable ring, adjustalbe loop, magic ring, or magic circle ... But no matter how you call or do it, it's the perfect way to start a 3-dimentional piece in amigurumi.

standing stitch join

The standing stitch join is my favorite way to start a new row or round on piece of crochet. It can be used with different crochet stitches and allows you to join the new yarn without a need to use chain stitches. I show you how to join with a slip stitch, a single crochet, or double crochet. But you can also use this technique to start with a taller stitch. The standing stitch join leaves you with a perfect looking first stitch.

invisible decrease

In this video I show you my favorite way to decrease (dec) in a row of single crochet stitches (sc). I use the invisible decrease for all my lalylala amigurumi. It also works fine for taller crochet stitches like half double (hdc), double (dc) or bigger stitches. So, let's go! Put on your cloaks of invisibility and make ugly standard decreases vanish from your crochet fabric!

fasten off remaining stitches in the round

If you crochet in the round - for example when you work a sphere - you'll come to the point where further decreasing isn't possible. To make a smooth finish for the last remaining stitches (most of the time there will be 6 stitches left after your last decrease round) you can use the following technique:

  1. break the yarn and leave a tail long enough
  2. pull the end  through your last stitch and thread a tapestry needle with the yarn tail
  3. insert the needle into the next stitches' front loop
  4. repeat pulling the yarn tail trough every front loop of the remailing stitches all the way around
  5. now pull the yarn tightly and the hole will be magically closed in a really nice way
  6. insert the needle next to the center and stitch 2 or 3 times criss cross through the entire crochet piece
  7. at least pull slightly and cut off the rest of the yarn

change yarn

needlenoodle's video shows a very useful way how to crochet jogless stripes in spirals without that stairstep that shows up when making stripes or changing color while single crocheting in the round.