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lalylala amigurumi book ‘BEETLES, BUGS and BUTTERFLIES’ in pre-order

Hello bug lovers and crochet adventurers!

Grab your research equipment (magnifying glass, flask of tea, crochet hook, scissors and yarn) and follow us into a world full of magic and science, a microcosm of tiny creatures and big dreams!

In this book you will find not only a charming selection of crochet patterns to create scrabbling beetles, beautiful bugs and fluttering butterfly crochet amigurumi, but also a wonderful story to read out loud and ponder on: a tale about growing up; accepting change and the power of dreams.

Giveaway Sailabrations!

Let’s sailabrate a GIVEAWAY ⛵️ Did you know the Dutch word ‘Scheepjes’ means ‘little ships’ in English? Reason enough to team up with the fantastic Scheepjes Yarn to give you lovely origamirumi lovers the chance to win 1 out of 10 CROCHET KITS for PAPER BOAT FIETE – coming with all the materials and crochet pattern you need to make your own Fiete in all 3 color versions! All you have to do to enter the giveaway is to set sail and head over to my Instagram!

Rice Seed Blanket – free crochet pattern

Friday! We stay in bed and count down until weekend starts with the FREE PATTERN for this cozy ‘Rice Seed Blanket’!
You don’t have to decide how large your blanket should be in the end – just crochet ahead and stop whenever you feel it’s big enough. The ‘Rice Seed Blanket’ is worked in a round by round like a giant granny square. This gives you the possibility to enlarge it any size.

A lalylala SUMMER SPECIAL pattern set sail!

A brave little origami-gurumi paper boat set sail. It’s FIETE ready to discover the world and curious to find out the truth about the old fishermen’s stories. His adventure started right away, when Oleg the giant squid came up from the depth. He wrapped his giant tentacles around the little boat and drag Fiete under into the deep sea. A swarm of crochet jellyfish crossed and Fiete took advantage of the short distraction to free himself from the tight grip of the giant squid. Completely drenched he escaped to the shore of a tiny but sunny island.

watch out for the 4seasons summer SPECIAL pattern

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Call me crazy, but there’s something in this photo making me feel like a lalylala 4seasons summer special pattern is hiding in there …

New 4 seasons EASTER pattern hatched from its egg!

As soon as that strange creature skipped from our garden, we admired the colorful eggs that it had left for us in a small nest underneath the Hazel bush. These eggs looked so weird that we soon started to discuss, what would probably hatch out of them. Dirk was convinced that these must be Rainbow Dragon eggs (an extremely rare species, which is native only to Lalylaland).

But even in the relevant literature we could not find any useful, hint. So we had to practice patience… Full of curiosity we came together today to watch the first of the three extraordinary creatures hatching from its egg!

Some details about the upcoming lalylala book

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Thank y’all for your extremely motivating likes and comments on my lalylala book to come! ❤️ Many of you have asked for more details, so here are some facts: Release will be in AUTUMN 2017. It will be published in UK first, but …

sneak peek: lalylala amigurumi book

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Phew! To keep this secret over MONTHs was really the hardest thing! But now the work is almost done and I can finaly give you a little peek of what I’m currently working on. It’s my first AMIGURUMI BOOK! Woohoo!

New Year’s Eve crochet pattern launched!

Let’s start the countdown! It’s 15 days left until the year isover, and we wanted to clear away some old clutter as we found a yellowed folder with a TOP SECRET label in a dusty box. Yippie! There is nothing better than sharing secrets with friends, and today we are going to blab the best best kept secret of Lalylaland!

Of course, nobody knew it because of the total secrecy, but Lalylaland was actually the first spacefaring nation! At the very dawn of the Space Age we’ve built an ultra light rocket Ziggy, using our unique twisted fiber technology, and long before space monkeys and dogs we’ve launched the world’s first lalylanaut Luzie the Lucky Cat on her mission to convey our greetings to the universe. The brave kitty visited every planet and tirelessly waved and meowed best wishes, and everybody she met waved back – the Spiders from Mars waved even all 8 legs as they saw Ziggy approaching!

CROCHET KITs for music box toy Agatha on Etsy!

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I ever wish, I would live in a yarn store … oh wait, in fact I DO :)
Come and visit my new second home on Etsy!

It is all about crochet sets for my lalylala patterns, coming with all the original materials needed to crochet your own lalylala toy! The first ready-to-crochet-kit is for spider AGATHA.

She sings the Harry Potter Prologue Melody (Hedwig’s Theme) and of course the music box insert is included as well as the yarn, 3 pair of safety eyes, soft stuffing, beads and a very special project bag to keep all your goodies together. The bag is also a perfect gift wrapping if you want to give the set or the ready made spider to a dear friend.

The crochet kits are exclusively available on Etsy! I hope you’ll enjoy them! Happy crocheting!

New lalylala pattern series started with music box toy AGATHA

Halloween is already over … again. But not for us and not yet! Because we lost your bloody mosquito dressed housefly buddy Buzz! So we quickly organized a search through the darkest corners of the house. Doing so, we found many lost socks, old sweets and rusty crochet hooks and unfortunately we also managed to get caught up in an artfully crafted giant spider net! In the center of this amazing piece of crochet there was a purple spider and right behind her back we glimpsed Buzz …

HIGH FIVE to the lalylala birthday GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate lalylala’s 5th birthday and to THANK YOU for all your great support, your countless heartwarming messages and for loving the lalylalas, I packed together 5 amazing gift boxes for 5 lucky winners!

Each box includes:

  • a material kit to crochet “KIRA the kangaroo“ (original yarn, 2 pair of glass eyes, Molotow acrylic marker to apply cheeks, 2,25 mm Clover soft touch crochet hook, 2 yarn needles, 2 stitch markers)
  • 3 lalylala crochet patterns of your choice
  • one of the prototypes for my next pattern, that will be released around Halloween
  • and a small bottle of homemade lavender-lemon water for a nice smell and good feelings

To JOIN and WIN one gift box is easy as pie:

  1. Become a friend of lalylala’s Facebook page or Instagram and LIKE the giveaway picture there.
  2. Leave a comment under the posting in Facebook or Instagram, telling me the 3 lalylala patterns you wish for and mark your comment with hashtag #high5lalylala (like that: Bina, Halloween, Mici, #high5lalylala)
  3. Comment as much as you like, but make sure to hashtag only one of your comments! Multiple tagged comments of one person will be removed!
  4. Gain an extra chance by joining the giveaway on both, Instagram and Facebook.
  5. Keep your fingers crossed!

Next Monday (October 10th, 2016) every hash-tagged comment gets a consecutive number. I will pick 5 random numbers by chance and announce the 5 lucky winners!

The gift boxes will be shipped worldwide – so don’t hesitate to enter even if you live on the north pole!
The crochet patterns will be send to you as digital files by email.

High five, good luck, happy crocheting and thank you all for your love!


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lalylala HALLOWEEN pattern release! Booray!

It’s a gloomy full moon night. A hook-nosed wicked witch on a wonky broom flies over a haunted house. One can make out two eerie silhouettes behind a dusty, spiderwebbed tower window. Diego the skull (aka „The Death”, who is also able to bring dead things to life now, thanks to a weekend update training course) triumphantly raises his scythe, when zombie Brian (masterminded brain behind a demonized good plan) sews in the last remaining yarn ends. Suddenly a dazzling flash cuts through the silent darkness…

BEWARE, all my beloved wicked witches!

BEWARE, all my beloved wicked witches! 🎃 Halloween comes sooner than expected and brings you a spooktacular new lalylala crochet pattern!

ALOHA from Kawaii ! lalylala 4 seasons SUMMER pattern out now

ALOHA from Kawaii ! It’s summertime and we enjoy our vacation on the beautiful island Kawaii, Lalylaland’s surfers paradise! This is where we met our new friend PIPPA the pineapple, who’s running the trendiest cocktail bar right on the beach. She’s an excellent bartender and her Piña Colada is famous! Right next door there’s a surf school. The owner is KEANU the surfboard and the coolest cat of all beach residents is SMILA the ice cream. Keep cool and find out more about the hot lalylala 4 seasons SUMMER pattern set!

Summer’s here to stay

one of the best things in summer is lying on the gras, staring in the sky and imagine familiar shapes appearing in the swirling clouds above you. … I guess, this formation tells me there will be a lalylala 4seasons SUMMER crochet pattern very soon!

A Sunday full of memories

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We spend a funny Sunday looking at old polaroids and telling amusing stories about Sepp’s days at the rodeo. We found some photos showing him together with his big love and mother of his son and some that show Sepp’s Grandpa and Sepp when he was a baby. Back in these days Sepp wore a brighter turquoise color (Regia 4-fädig Melange, color 2241) and the girl of his dreams was dressed in trendy natural neon color (Regia Tweed Trend & Classic, color 09068).

KIRA for president!

Vote for KIRA!
No, Kira doesn’t run for the US presidential elections this time, but for the second most important election of the year: the ETSY AWARDS 2016 Germany/Austria for the category “Kids & Baby“. Kira’s election program includes more time for snuggle breaks and the abolishment of phases of frogging. Kira also promises the expansion of renewable energies by handcrafts and guarantees an enormous increase of your crochet fun!

Howdy! There’s a new stallion in the stable

Sepp the seahorse spend his childhood on his granddad’s sea cow ranch. He was very talented in riding sea cows and started a career as rodeo star soon. On a rodeo world tour Sepp stopped in Texas, where he was told, that every proper horse wears horseshoes. He couldn’t find out what these could be good for and threw them away. Thus Sepp invented the horseshoe pitching sport.

Urgent b-mail to Oleg

Guess what happened today! Oleg the octopus received an urgent b-mail (message in a bottle) of an old buddy. They spent many summers on grandpa’s sea cow ranch playing underwater cowboys. (Oleg still keeps his yellow water pistol and 4 (!) pair original sea-snakeskin boots.) The friend announced that he will move to lalylaland soon! Oleg is excited and so are we!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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I wish all you wonderful moms a perfect mother’s day! We love you to the moon and back!

epic conversion charts for crochet terms and stitches

If you’ve ever been searching for an epic CONVERSION TABLE of CROCHET TERMS and STITCHES in multiple languages – such as English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Russian an Swedish – you should have a look to the new tips+help section. I hope you’ll find it helpful!

spot the differences! … in Lupo’s pattern UPDATE

by lalylala in patterns Comments: 15

It took quite a long time to hide all the little differences in Lupo’s new pattern properly. But now I’m sure, they replace the old instructions perfectly. The updated pattern comes without bad hair and mustache but with a completely new construction for the body to get a perfect straight seam on the back!

If you’ve already bought the pattern, you can find it updated in your library on Ravelry or on your personal download area on Billbee.

Lupo’s new pattern is also AVAILABLE IN DANISH now!


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Grow yourself a little flower garden

… using the Early Blooming Flower add-on for lalylala’s 4 seasons SPRING pattern set! The pattern comes with the instructions for the flowers to turn crocus CARLA into beautiful daffodil DORIS, snow drop SELMA or muscari MARTA! I hope you like them and wish you all some happy Easter days!

BEWARE! New lalylala 4-seasons SPING pattern-set causes heavy spring fever!

It was a very cold and windy day, when bluetit TITUS circled over Lalyland. The winter was long and he felt terribly lonely when he unexpectedly discovered a fresh splash of blue among all the gray and white far down on the ground. Just as blue as himself. Finally! A companion!

Titus fluttered closer excitedly and discovered … a wonderful blue crocus blossom. He wanted to pick it and when he gently pulled on the blossom, a flower bulb slipped out of the soil. Her name was CARLA and she was the most beautiful creature that Titus had ever seen…

4 seasons SPRING patterns coming soon!

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No déjà vu! Soon it’s time for another lalylala 4-seasons SPRING pattern set for the very first time!
or let’s say it in other words:

“There is no way that this winter is *ever* going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He’s got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.” Phil Connors / movie: Groundhog Day

Happy Woolentine!

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If you are still looking for a last minute valentine’s gift, you should know that ANTON pursues a career as messenger of love these days.

lalylala shop feature on Etsy

Every month Etsy presents one shop and introduces the people behind it. In January it was …. drumrolls … MY lalylala shop that was featured on Etsy’s German blog!
Aaaaah! I am so thrilled! Many thanks to Lena from Etsy team Berlin for offering me a great opportunity to give you an exclusive look behind the scenes! So if you ever ask yourself how my studio could look like or how I became a crochet designer, read the entire feature on Etsy’s fabulous German blog.

here comes lalylala’s 4 seasons SPECIAL CHRISTMAS pattern set!

Do you rememberthe other night, when Roco was caught in the act (again!). The alleged Christmas presents heist turned out to be exactly the opposite! we could found 3 reliable witnesses, who insured very convincingly that our raccoon just gave Santa Clause a hand. Down in the festive living room XAVER the Christmas tree got already dressed up in order to proper welcome the nocturnal guest. Candle CLAUS plunged the room into cozy, warm light and angel ANTON and his twin brother Arthur ensured the appropriate musical setting and heavenly blessing.

lalylala wallpaper DECEMBER 2015

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In the middle of the night a mighty rumble in the living room drives us out of our beds. We rush into the living room in joyfully anticipation to finally shake hands to Santa Clause himself and to jointly share a glass of milk and some cookies by the fire, as we catch our ROCO red-handed! It is still unclear whether he brought the gifts or tried to steal. But he suggested a deal: Roco told us that he has information on a certain lalylala Christmas pattern. He chatted out that the evidence photo contains a clear reference to the three Christmas buddies! So put your magnifiers out and spy closely! Here is the last desktop of the year with an exclusive preview of the lalylala 4seasons xmas set!

lalylala’s 4 seasons: WINTER pattern set out now!

A warm welcome to our cool winter friends! We have tracked them deep in Lalylaland’s magic forest: pine cone WOODY fell from somewhere above us right in front of our feet. He got along well with our autumn fellows Erwin, Peter and Henry right away. A bit later we met stag HEINZ and SIMON the snowman! Read the entire story and find out more about our new frosty friends!

4 seasons WINTER set coming soon

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Wrap up well! Winter is coming soon and brings you the second set of lalylala’s 4 seasons series!

lalylala wallpaper NOVEMBER 2015

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Hats off for a hot early winter! Who wants to keep a cool head when you also can get a pair of warm ears? Paul feels the same way and has providently changed his hat for some wispy soft handmade bobble cap – of course in his favorite colors! If you already have changed your headgear, you only need to get this heartwarming lalylala wallpaper at that.

New lalylala 4 season series – AUTUMN pattern set available now!

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Hugh? How did that happen? Autumn already? The days are short, the weather is kind of unpleasant and wet feet became your constant companions? There’s also something good in it! It’s time to unpack your Wellies and to make your way to the next yarn store and then: straight to Lalylaland’s always colorful enchanted forest to pick up these 3 funny little guys! Toadstool PETER, rose hip HENRY and acorn ERWIN are the perfect companion to fill your gray days with colorful Autumn fun.

lalylala wallpaper OCTOBER 2015

BOOray, it’s October!
The month of getting goosebumps not just because of the falling temperature! Get ready for the most thrilling night of the year in just a few simple steps.

lalylala’s “4seasons series” starts in German edition of Mollie Makes magazine

by lalylala in lalylaland, patterns Comments: 8

These are Henry and Erwin! They are 2 out of 3 amis from the first set of the new “lalylala 4seasons series”. They will be available as pattern sets in all lalylala online shops very soon. Find Erwin & Henry’s patterns exclusively in the autumn issue of the German edition of Mollie Makes (on newsstands of your confidence from now)

lalylala wallpaper SEPTEMBER 2015

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It’s September! Time to go FLY a kite … or rather kite a FLY?

however, it’s the best time to prepare yourself for the joy of autumn, to groove a little to Earth, Wind & Fire:

»hey hey hey
ba de ya, say do you remember?
ba de ya, dancing in September ba de ya, never was a cloudy day« … lalala

… and to lalylalize your desktop or device! Find the new wallpaper here:

lalylala wallpaper AUGUST 2015

“HOW TO CATCH A MERMAID” or “Do you know the reason why real mermaids are so rarely seen?” Since ages people try to lure them with all kinds of baits and even the best attempts failed. I guess it’s just because mermaids are too clever to fall into a trap! Fortunately we know one mermaid that loves show herself on your desktop for August!

new section for mini & mod patterns

The new Minis & Mods section is a tribute to all the fantastic modifications to my lalylala dolls that have arisen and that have made lalylaland such a colorful and varied place. Find some of their patterns collected on now.

lalylala wallpaper JULY 2015

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream … It’s 1st of JULY and here in lalylaland it’s summer time (hip hip hooray) ! Time to pack your crochet stuff into your beachbag, slip into your sandals and follow ERNA’s lead straight to the next ice cream parlor! Here’s lalylala’s JULY cool down for your sceen:

lalylala wallpaper JUNE 2015

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Summertime and the living is easy … well, maybe not for everyone … If you are a vampire and you love sunny days on the beach anyway, you should pay attention for a proper sun protection and plenty of liquid refreshment. (Please do not bite the bathers – fresh refrigerated tomato juice and Bloody Mary are available at the beach bar!)

Happy Mother’s Day!

wish all you faboulous mom’s a perfect mother’s day

… and a hand picked bunch of flowers!

lalylala wallpaper MAY 2015

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Have you ever wished for 8 hands to get a teeny tiny change to ever just start all those projects on your wishlist? I do … daily! But of course there’s only one raveler who’s able to spin, dye, crochet and knit all at a time with an enviable serenity. Get OLEG the octopus – the master of creative multitasking – on lalylala’s wallpaper for MAY!

get free lalylala mod kit “ERNA the strawberry + BERT the blackberry”

Sunday morning. Sun is shining, coffee and hot chocolate on the table and the toast smells delicious.

Full of expectation someone unscrews the jam jar … and suddenly the last fatigue vanished! There’s nothing but absolute emptiness! No jam is dust-dry toast for breakfast!

Time to take action! Fresh berry jam had to be done, so I hurried into the garden… but instead of ingredients, I found these two funny guys hiding in the bushes behind the house. They introduced themselves as ERNA the strawberry and BERT the blackberry and a second later I invited them to come and live in our house (they choose the pantry to become their new home).

Between us, I was a little bit ashamed of myself. Given that ERNA and BERT are such nice fellows my plan to boil berries to jam seems very cruel. Well, since they join our breakfast table, we serve honey instead of jam. (To Bina’s great joy! For now he nonstop speaks about the assets and peculiarities of this or that type of honey every morning.)

Find out more about ERNA & BERT and get the free pattern add-on to make a strawberry or blackberry from your lalylala crochet pattern:


beam to the pattern


lalylala wallpaper APRIL 2015

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Who ever said that all eggs were as alike as Tweedledum and Tweedledee?
We definitaly need to amend that: Some are just more equal than others and some have purple spots and glow in the dark and if you crack it, it maybe spits fire… Have a very happy Easter and get your egg yolk yellow lalylala wallpaper for April!

lalylala wallpaper March 2015

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Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high, there’s … lalylaland! And at the end of the rainbow? Well, there’s a pot of gold for sure!
So catch the Leprechaun, find a lucky clover, download the brand new lalylala desktop calendar / wallpaper and join the “MARCH into sping”! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

First 2 SWEDISH lalylala crochet recipes available!

Hurrarop! Crispy news from lalylaland! First SWEDISH lalylala crochet recipes available! Here come the first 2 yummy lalylala crochet recipes *traditional Swedish style* – oven baked by the amazing Yvette Palm using the proven lalylala crochet recipe!

lalylala wallpaper February 2015

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Here’s the fresh lalylala wallpaper design for your February desktop – with lot of love … and yarn of course! Happy valentine’s day!

being lalylala

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We are lalylala and we are 15.000 (!!!) on Facebook. Thank you so much!


free jellyfish pattern

I guess some of you already noticed, that I wrote a little crochet book for beginners and returners: “Häkeln – so einfach geht’s” published by Gräfe & Unzer Verlag (GU). And who has guessed?!: We are in the second edition now! Hurray! To say THANK YOU SO MUCH for purchasing my little booklet, the publisher and I decided to share one of my favorit patterns for free: the jellyfish mobile.

lalylalize your desktop and mobile device!

Be prepared to get a fresh lalylala look for your device every month. OK, right … the first one comes with a negligible delay of 12 days, but for the next months you can except a new lalylala calendar wallpaper every 1th of month.

lalylala Halloween pattern VLAD the Vampire Bat

Let the most spooktacular lalylala Halloween party begin! You are all invited and here comes our already announced super duper famous special guest … Please welcome the horror movie legend “VLAD the vampire bat”! He’s a hot candidate for tonight’s election of the best Halloween costume.

Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes, to get to know our new mate…


High times in lalylaland! Our friends are incredibly excited! They run through the house and animate the house spiders to spin their nets faster, cause Halloween is coming soon and our friends decided to celebrate the scariest party of all!

Exchange student from Argentina arrived in lalylaland

May I introduce {Amour Fou}’s LELIO to you – Lelio came to lalylaland as an exchange student right from Buenos Aires! This handsome fellow is the amazing design of my dear friend Carla – she made that lil’ Lelio for me and send him all the long way from Argentina to Germany

Häkeln lernen mit GU und lalylala

*meinegütewerhättedasgedacht* – jetzt bin ich ganz offizielle Autorin eines Häkelbuches!
Mit einer niegelnagelneuen Serie macht der GU Verlag Dich fit für den kommenden Handarbeitsherbst! In 4 Büchlein findest Du auf 64 prall gefüllten Seiten je einen Crashkurs zu den Themen STICKEN, NÄHEN, STRICKEN und HÄKELN!

a good weekend reading

Yikes! The brand new issue of german magazine “Simply HÄKELN” comes along with loads of nice crochet and a XXL-sized-2-pages lalylala interview (wooohoooo!)

Testhäkler gesucht!

Deutschsprachige Häkelsüchtige aufgemerkt! Nach ganz langer bienenfleißiger Häkelei und Schreiberei in den letzten Monaten ist mein allererstes Büchlein für Häkelanfänger fast fertig. Die Projekte sind auch für blutige Beginner geeignet und zwischen “wohnen” und “leben” angesiedelt (ausnahmsweise diesmal keine lalylala Amigurumi ;) Jetzt muss getestet werden!

KIRA featured in DaWanda’s lovebook

by lalylala in events Comments: 7

w00t! w00t! KIRA the kangaroo jumped right into DaWanda’s lovebook “Summer 2014”! Go and take a look to the digital copy of the fantastic and inspiring booklet – filled with super amazing handmade stuff! I’m sure you’ll love it as much as KIRA does!

happy peppy Easter greetings!

Are you still on the hunt to find some Easter eggs? Well, stop searching, start crocheting: there’s a free lalylala crochet pattern. And pssssst … another tip just between us: the “RITA rabbit” modification kit for your lalylala doll hides itself on the same page. ;)

get free lalylala easter bunny mod kit “RITA the rabbit”

When I fell into that rabbit hole the other day, I came back with another freebie especially for all of you, who already own one of the lalylala doll patterns!

how to handle a hook without a handle

You know that? It’s weekend (hurray!), you spend your Sunday sittin’ in the sun enjoying a crochet project you’ve almost finished … when suddenly your crochet hook capitulates and breaks.

“tous fans de lalylala” photo contest

by lalylala in events Comments: 0

Mes chères filles françaises (et les garçons bien sûr)! It’s ONE YEAR since Lilo L’île Aux Fils made up that great “tous fans de lalylala” place for all lalylala lovers – especially those of you from France. It’s been one year of great pleasure to see all your cute projects, to read your opinions and to be totally overwhelmed because of the love you put into your lalylalas!

✩ MICIs very first super model job! ✩

by lalylala in patterns Comments: 0

Yeah Yeah! Swipe to the left, swipe to the right and turn it upside down! MICIs photo is featured in the application profile of “Plundr”, a brand new German a-kind-of-flea-market-app.

lalylalas at the DOLLS ART in Tel Aviv

by lalylala in events Comments: 2

For two month I was crocheting like a freaky maniac to finish a reproduction of each lalylala doll for … drum rolls … more drum rolls … add some horns … get this!!! … the “DOLLS ART EXHIBITION” in Tel Aviv!

Yes, you can sell dolls made from lalylala patterns

by lalylala in patterns Comments: 9

Since so many girls asked for and I’ve thought about it for month (… and actually didn’t found any good reason not to do), I decided to change my copyright policies and removed the term that not allows the selling of finished dolls made from my patterns.

Here comes the new inhabitant: LUPO – the lamp

by lalylala in lalylaland, patterns Comments: 6

He doesn’t look like but actually Lupo is a wolf! OK – a wolf in sheep’s clothing and that’s what happened: When Lupo was a puppy, he had a great passion for hand-knitted sheep wool socks.

Is anybody out there?

by lalylala in lalylaland, stories Comments: 2

Completely tired out our friends meet for breakfast, staring into their cocoa cups and rubbing their tired eyes – Neither of them has slept tonight, because they were kept awake of some really weird noise outside.

HOLY MOLY! 340 granny squares!

holy moly! believe it or not, I finished the 340th cathedral square right now and can’t wait to join them to a huuuuuge blanket.


by lalylala in patterns Comments: 6

crazy folks dressed in kangaroo and dragon costumes just occupied the lalylala shop!

Pay attention elks and vikings!

by lalylala in patterns Comments: 0

Another horned creature came to Norway! …. CARL the cactus is featured in the Norwegian DIY magazine Dilla! Er det ik’ fantastisk?!

oops! gremlin attack in Pauls french pattern

by lalylala in patterns Comments: 0

OH NO! Something went wrong in PAULs FRENCH PATTERN! Please use these new magic formulas to defeat the evil typo gremlins:

Christmas selling preparations

by lalylala in holidays, patterns Comments: 0

KIRA & DIRK “clones” waiting for lalylalas jingle jangle Christmas selling on Etsy and DaWanda … coming soon!


After some rumors were circulating about the recent incidents in the magic forest, we were finally able to shed new light on that mysterious story. We found the little witch and she agreed to give us an exclusive interview.

Birthday CUPCAKES – a free lalylala crochet pattern

Welcome to BINAs and RADAs 2nd birthday celebration! Here’s your party-hat! Please serve yourself a drink, shake your hips to the music … and feel free to try some of these delicious homemade lalylala birthday cupcakes.

LOST AND FOUND – A Magic Forest Incident

by lalylala in lalylaland, stories Comments: 1

It’s autumn in lalylaland! Time to go for a walk through the woods, picking some berries and chestnuts, searching for mushrooms and other delicious supplies to fill up the pantry. One sunday our dolls put on their hiking boots and set out for a ramble through the magic forest.

lalylala’s 2nd anniversary giveaway

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2 years, countless yards of yarn and 11 dolls later it’s lalylala’s 2nd birthday! At risk of sounding a bit cheesy – I just can’t tell how much I love and appreciate all of you crocheting lalylala dolls and bring them to live!

skirt-to-dress upcycling

You know that? Sometimes you stumble upon a totally forgotten garment in the farthest corner of your wardrobe literally by accident.

MICI the mermaid stranded – new pattern published!

Some preparations were needed to enable MICI to may also be at home on the mainland of lalylaland. An old zinc tub was polished to a mirror finish and pimped with a 200 hp engine and 4 brand new all-terrain tires, so MICI is also free to move all over the land.

Sensational discovery in the deep sea

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In the footsteps of the great Jacques Cousteau our friends decided to explore the deep sea around lalylaland. Months of preparation (knitting red beanies for each crew member), research and hard training lies behind our adventurers and exciting challenges waiting ahead – but one thing is still missing: a seaworthy dive boat!

granny love vol.3

Besides busy bee-ish working on the upcoming lalylala doll (which will hopefully be ready to be released in the middle of July – yeah!) I started another granny blanket out of some skeins of wool remain from other projects.

Oh la la – An INTERVIEW!

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Find lalylala’s meet&greet interview in French and English on fifi jolipois (super nice yarn shop & blog)! They’ve got a facebook too – so check out! My very special thank goes to Christel and Adeline from fifi jolipois for asking and publish my answers. It was such a pleasure to answer the questions!

¡Ay, caramba! All patterns in SPANISH

Once upon a time our knightly and brave friends attracted to explore the world, to seek out new civilizations and to boldly go where no crocheted doll has gone before… On their way they met legendary creatures and passed numerous adventures, crossed high mountains and quite a bit of water.

ROCO raccoon sniffed out! New pattern finished!

After some spectacular weeks of playing hide-and-seek, the gentleman-thief ROCO Raccoon (aka “Rocoon”, “Mister Coon” or even “X”) set itself in lalylalands doll department.

Show your dolls!

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It was time to set up a GALLERY just for YOUR LALYLALA’S
… to say “thank you” for bringing that many sugar cute dolls to life! So show YOUR amazing dolls in lalylala’s brand new customers projects gallery. You’re doll is missed? email a photo or send link to your lalylala project and join the family!

Next doll “most wanted”

After a short quite periode in lalylaland some suspicious things happened last night… It seems a new fellow came to town and showed his amazing talent by robbing all the candy. Even our high security safe could not stop him. A first investigation revealed some finger prints on the safe and a single photo taken by the security camera of our candy depot. Insiders told us the name of the invisible stranger.

From Russia with love

Our super special agent Olga M. succeeded decoding all lalylala patterns to native Russian language!
We smuggled the patterns on microfilm inside some totally inconspicuous russian Babuschka dolls – so called “Matryoshkas” (as you can see on the picture). We owe it to the great efforts of special agent Olga that it is possible now to get and crochet the lalylala patterns original russian style. ТУЧА ФЗНАМЗНОН, дорогие товарищи!

lalylala easter ornaments pattern for free!

Looking for a cute last-minute non-crochet Easter project? How about that? Last year I made some of these cuties and wrote a tutorial. The idea comes from my childhood when my Ma and I used to craft these little chicks.

There’s something going on …

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A few days ago Lilo from founded the world’s first, one and only lalylala dolls COLLECTIVE FAN BLOG and FACEBOOK GROUP!

What’s typically Dutch?

Count on 10 Dutch things: 01. cheese, 02. clogs, 03. Rembrandt, 04. tulips, 05. charming blue-white ceramics, 06. houseboats, 07. to ride a bicycle, 08. dikes and canals, 09. windmills and 10. … all lalylala patterns!

Here comes CARL!

Finally “CARL the cactus” from far far Mexico came to lalylaland. The new pattern is written down, tested and now available in English, French and German. Many kudos to Yannick for a lightning fast and perfect translation to French!

A new friend is coming!

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A brand new wooly friend from Mexico will reach the coast of lalylaland during the next week! Hurray! Our reporter, cameraman, director and mastermind of lalyTV – Mr.”one4all” Mischa B. – has been on the place to be to wait for the new fellow’s arrival and to take some first shots.

Kira goes east – 1st pattern in Russian!

I’m so excited to introduce you the very first RUSSIAN pattern version of a lalylala pattern – кенгуру „кира“!
A warm “THANK YOU!” goes out to Olga M. for doing such a great job! The russian translation for all the other patterns will follow step by step from now.

lalylala’s interview for Inside Crochet

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Jippieee, yes and a loud hooray! Here it is: my very first interview ever published in a crochet magazine! … and not just any magazine: it’s the UK-based Crochet Inside magazine featuring my work in it’s December 2012 issue #36. I really can’t tell how excited I am – I feel almost famous!

lalylala en français – C’est très bien!

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FRENCH language versions for all lalylala patterns are available from now on! I want to thank Yannick for doing an overwhelming translation job!

limited time pattern deals

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You can’t decide which pattern you want to buy? Don’t mind – take all 8 patterns for € 36.- and save € 8.- for a short time! There are more pattern deals available for any 3 and 5 lalylala patterns at my Etsy and DaWanda shops.

French + Russian Translations

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lalylala goes multilingual! Very soon a french version of all lalylala crochet patterns will be available. A first french translation of a pattern is finished yet – it’s KIRA le Kangourou (Thanks to Yannick for a great job!) A russian version will follow next. So be prepared!

Schoggis new victim

time ago I stumbled upon a cat toy made by Lazymuse. I improvised the shape of the toy – now it’s more a mouse head – and added some blood drops and a spinal column. It looks pretty macabre – but I really like it that way and my moms cat “Schoggi” totally loves his new catnip.

Gray Granny Hexagon blanket

Jippie – I’ve finished my second granny blanket! All 255 hexagons are joined to a huge cosy afghan. I’m really really in love with this blanket! So winter can stay for a while.

Gray Skies blanket

My very first granny square blanket! I can’t believe I made it. It took 31 skeins of sheep wool and some weeks to finish. The crochet pattern named “Sunny Spread” by Ellen Gormley is available for free at