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amigurumi techniques

joining the legs

Here's how I join the legs to start the body for my lalylala amigurumi. Joining the legs this way leaves you with the required number of 46 single crochet stitches for the first round of the body. Of course you can work like that not only for a lalylala doll but also for other amigurumi.

Attach safety eyes with plain shank

Toy eyes smaller than 5 mm often have plain shanks with no barbs or riffle to hold the washer. Those eyes need to be heated to be fixed. And because some of you asked for, I made a little video showing how to attach them. Hope you enjoy the thrilling combination of yarn and fire!

apply blush

For a nice blush on the cheeks I prefer the "ONE4ALL marker" by MOLOTOW. These are acrylic based markers which can be diluted with water or acetone easily. The color is called skin pastel 207 (haut pastell, couleur peau pastel). To add the color to the dolls face I'm using a paintbrush and plenty of water to dilute the intensity of the color. Finally you should dry it using a hairdryer to make the ink permanent.